Question: Do musicians make money?

Question: Do musicians make money?
Question: Do musicians make money?

Question: Do musicians make money?  Well, yes and no. Some Ghanaian musicians do make money, others don’t. If you want to know can musicians make money however, the answer is definitely yes.

Note: In this article we also look at if musician make money from Youtube, Spotify and iTunes, as well as show you the best way for musicians to make money. So read on to the bottom for all the information.

Ok, so while making money is not extremely likely during the early stages of your music career, the further you progress, the better your chances become. Over time you will improve your talent, build up the needed links, get yourself more fans, and get your name out there even more. As these things happen, if you monetize your efforts correctly, you will start making more money from your music.
Do all musicians reach this stage? No. Many will give up before they get to this, as they were expecting instant results. Fast results can happen if you know what you’re doing, but they are rare. By doing something like forming a professional band however and networking in the right places from the off, you do increase your chances of doing well.


A large percentage of musicians don’t make any noticeable money from their music. Even so, there are some that earn a lot. These are the musicians that you see regularly on your TV screens, and that have been around for years.
So where are some of the places musicians make money from? We look at some of the most popular ways people often think about:

1. Do Musicians Make Money From iTunes?

Well, sort of. It’s not hard to get your music on iTunes, but if you want to make money from your music being on there, you will need to promote your iTunes page yourself. iTunes is only a platform to sell your music on; it’s not a tool that does promotion for you, and it won’t by it’s self get your music out there. That said, it’s still definitely worth getting your music on iTunes for credibility reasons.

2. Can Musicians Make Money From Youtube?

Yes. By entering the Youtube Partnership program, you can make money when people click on the adverts they place over your videos. This is just another way to earn money from your music career, but should not be used as your number one source of income. This is because you need a lot of views to make it work for you, and the payments are quite low.
Alternatively, you can link your Youtube page to your shop or merchandise page on your website to make money from the traffic you get. If you haven’t got a website already, you can learn to build one by talking to us.


A final good idea is to upload your videos to other people already popular channels to increase your YouTube views.

3. Do Musicians Earn Money From Spotify?

Spotify is another way musicians can earn money. That said, the money you can make from it isn’t very much at all. They give you a percentage of the streams that your songs get, and this amount is very low indeed. While there are some musicians who do earn money from Spotify, it is not the sort of money that you will make a living from.
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Conclusion, Do Musicians Make Money?


Well that really depends on the individual musician. A better question would be to ask if musicians can make money, and yes, they most certainly can.

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