Artiste with the Biggest fans you never new in Ghana

Artiste with the Biggest fans you never new in Ghana
Artiste with the Biggest fans you never new in Ghana

Artiste with the Biggest fans you never new in Ghana. Ghana’s Alkaline the fans call him, Piigbele they call him, King of Music they call him and Mr. Music they call him. All these nicknames sent me thinking in circles.

Upon the legends we have in the Ghana Music industry none has been nicknamed as such.

Indeed he has represented all the accolades the fans attributed to him.

He is the fastest up rising dancehall artiste in Ghana and due to his multi talent, he does other genres such as hiplife and hip pop.
His touching lyrics and unique style has captured many good music lovers from all over the globe.

It’s believed that his fans are distributed across almost all the communities in the three Northern Regions due to his local music which is highly consumed there.

He has fans cut across all the tribes and zillion of them are from the largest tribe in the Northern Region.


He has released several songs of the aforementioned genres. His latest releases last month are the most trending songs in the Northern Region. Thus “GamGam Ways and Sulo”.

The “Sulo” song was released to kick start his peace campaign tour for Konkombas and Dagombas and other tribes in the Northern Region.

In previous reports he indicated that he is peace ambassador and would use music to eradicate conflicts in the North and Ghana.

In recent times, his new songs saw him outshined most greatest artistes in Ghana on the list of (artistes promotion blog)

Though many might have not seen or heard of him but the fact is that he has been heard by many in abroad of which some wish to do collaboration with him.


It’s also believed that his existence in the industry gives many artistes nightmares as he’s come to take over titles in the music fraternity. He is future awards winning artiste.

He is the President of Piigbele Nation.

Adamz Mohammed is his real name and popularly known in the showbiz as “LAZZYBWOY”.

Writer: Paul Mensah Dalibabu


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