5 Music Business Secrets That You May Not Know

5 Music Business Secrets That You May Not Know
5 Music Business Secrets That You May Not Know

5 Music Business Secrets That You May Not Know in Ghana and across the world. I’ve been involved in the music industry for over 7 years now. During that time, I’ve learned many things which aren’t really general knowledge, and aren’t generally known to those who are just starting out. In fact, many musicians who have been making music for years don’t know some of the things I’m about to share today, so I guess you could call them music industry secrets! Here are:

5 music business secrets successful musicians know which most don’t . Enjoy.

Note: Number 5 secret is probably one of the biggest secrets I’ll share with you on this site, and it’s one which can move your music career at least twice as fast if you’re not already implementing it (which most musicians aren’t). So read on till the end for the good stuff.

Music Business Secret 1: Having More Fans Won’t Mean You’ll Make More Money

This is one that many musicians learn the hard way. They spend years building up their fanbase to a decent number, only to realize their earning don’t increase by a relative amount. The truth is, having 10 times the fanbase you have now won’t make you 10 times the money!
Musicians, increasing your fanbase by 10x won’t increase your money 10x!
As I’ve mentioned here, the strategies that often make the most money in music aren’t the same things which will get you the biggest fanbase. Well, at least for most independent musicians.
So does that mean you need to pick between either making money or building a big fanbase? No, not at all. Both things have their benefits, but it’s important you know which activity bring you which results. That way you can focus on them as much as you want according to your main aims.
I’ve worked out some of the things which will make you more money from music, you can contact us for that lecture later.

Music Industry Secret 2: Marketing Can Be More Important For Success Than Talent

While I cover how to do many different things within the music industry on this site, there’s one things I always refer back to which is “Marketing your music!”
This is simply because without marketing, your music won’t get anywhere. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say marketing is probably more important than talent!
Let me ask you this, have you ever seen just above average acts doing well in your genre? Of course you have, there are acts like this in every genre of music out there. How do these musicians get to where they are? Simple, good marketing and promotion! Either they know how to promote themselves well, or they have people behind them who know how to do that for them.

That’s what record labels have now effectively become: marketing companies. No longer are they picking up raw talent and developing them; instead they focus on using their money and links to better promote acts who are showing potential.
On the other hand, have you ever heard a top quality musician in your genre who doesn’t get many views or doesn’t seem to be moving forward any time soon? Again, I’m sure you have! They may be talented, but without them having the knowledge to market themselves they don’t get very far.
Don’t underestimate the importance of what I’m telling you here, you can’t just be talented and put out songs. Instead, learn to properly market your music if you want to get anywhere.

Secret 3: You Can’t Do Everything By Yourself

So there’s been a big hype about the independent musician over the last few years, and how you don’t need a record label behind you to do well.
While you don’t necessarily need a record deal to start making movements in your music career, it will get to the stage where you need some kind of support network behind you.
Believe me, as you start getting more shows and are more in the public spotlight, you can’t do everything by yourself.
Some of the things that need to be done for a musician growing in success include:

1. Show booking.
2. Show performing.
3. Artwork design.
4. Music marketing.
5. Networking with companies and other musicians.
6. Finances. Yes, that includes taxes.
7. Writing songs.
8. Recording songs.
9. Fan interaction.
10. Video shooting and editing. And a lot more.

While you can do much of these things yourself on a small scale, when you start getting bigger, handling all of the above and more will become an impossible task. You’ll find out that you’re spreading yourself thin and don’t get time to do most of them properly. At this point (or hopefully before so you don’t reach this stressful time in your career) you’ll need to get people to help you out.

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