What do fans want from you as a musician?

What do fans want from you as a musician?
What do fans want from you as a musician?

What do fans want from you as a musician… do you know? If not, you should be aiming to find out! If you want success as a musician in Ghana or across the world, you need to give fans what they want.

If you don’t cater for fans, you’re just making music for yourself. This is fine if that’s the path you want to take.
However, if you want to build a fanbase, but not sure what your potential fans want, I can help. There are things you can do to determine what your potential fans are after, and I’m going to show you a few of those things here today.

You’ll want to do a combination of all the below at once, so that you can truly find out what your fans are after. In fact, all tips am going to explain here are largely ongoing processes. The music industry keeps changing on daily basis and what fans want keeps changing too. So be sure you are always analyzing, and going with the latest.
So, here are three ways to find out what music fans really want.

1. Test The Market

One thing you can do to find out what people want, is to do your own tests. This involves releasing multiple singles with varying styles, and seeing which style people like the most.
One important thing to note is that you don’t want to make each song so different that you can’t build up a fanbase along the way.

For example, you don’t have to release one Dancehall song, followed by a rap song and then a highlife song straight after. That said, feel free to experiment within a genre or two but not multiple genres. You may only have to switch your style in one genre of music to see what your fans will like best. And below is what I mean by switching your style.

1. The style and speed of your lyrics
2. Your subject matter
3. The feel of your songs
4. The type of backing tracks you use
5. How many ‘layer’ you add when recording vocals
6. Tempo, and many more.

And as you release more of your songs with the above points in mind, you will begin to get an idea of which type of style people like the most. Your question is how will you get to know this? Well, that particular song may trend more than other songs (more views, downloads, etc), it may also make more sales, it may also get more people viewing and sharing it, or you may get more people asking you to release similar songs.

While you won’t want to stick to one style of music which is not making you improve as an artist, use this testing stage to help find yourself what will work for you and your fans as a musician. I will talk more about this ‘single release strategy’ to test the market later.

Look the truth is, no one does anything without assessment and feedbacks and so I will love to share the remaining two tips with you privately. Send us a mail and let’s continue from there. ([email protected])
See you soon.

Writer: musicindustryhowto


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