Advertising Ideas And Techniques For Musicians

Advertising Ideas And Techniques For Musicians
Advertising Ideas And Techniques For Musicians

Advertising Ideas And Techniques For Musicians in Ghana and across the world. Have you ever come across some artist or band making fantastic music without anyone listening? The reasons for this phenomenon are diverse, ranging from location to branding. However, it is also certain that those artists and band do not spend as much time as they should on marketing their music.

Ok, fair enough! People say Marketing seems like a big, complicated job that doesn’t have a whole lot to do with music or anything fun. I agree that certain parts of marketing are annoying and tedious, and also take issue with it being complicated and boring.
But becoming better at marketing your music is all about understanding what marketing means and changing your attitude towards it. Music marketing can be creative, fun, and even inexpensive if you go about it in the right way.

Let’s look at a few concepts you should have in mind when dreaming of marketing strategies, and then we’ll cover some specific marketing ideas you can use that will go a long way to help you.

Music Advertising Is About Being Heard

There is a big difference between creating great music and then people knowing you make great music. Many artists think that if their music is good enough, it will be noticed. But I tell you the truth that your good music will only be noticed if you market it properly.

Otherwise, nobody will hear it, and that’s the main reason why you should be marketing your music. As to whether you will like to market your music to managers and labels before fans, or doing it the other way round is up to you. But the core thing your marketing efforts should be focused on are two things: “awareness and fans conversation with the goal of having your music heard.”

There are so many new bands and artists emerging everyday. Your first step is to stand out from the crowd and create awareness within both the music industry and with the fans. They need to know that you exist.
Secondly, you need to convince them to listen to your music. Even giving your album or songs away for free won’t necessarily guarantee people listen to it. It’s hard to get people to download free music, let alone listen to it!

Whether it’s going to be the music industry or the general public, your aim is to just try and convert more people into fans.
When you have this in mind, it becomes easier to market your music. Now let me ask you these questions; How can you creatively get your music heard? And How are you going to be different from other artists?

How will you be able to know which music marketing tool is worth using? Which tool will help to create more fans? Which tool will allow my music to be heard by more people?
Am going to give you answers to these questions above and this is how I will start it.

Music Marketing Is About Relationships

Artists with great marketing strategies should have great relationship with their fans. You have to decide what that relationship will look like, but if you’re not fostering relationships with your fans, you are missing out.

I’m sure you’ve seen or even followed artists who always just seem to be talking to you about their music or selling their music to you always? This can be huge turn off of fans. It’s like meeting somebody that never stops talking about themselves! Please change if you are in such a habit.

As an Artists you need reply to your fans comments whether it is about you or not, you need to have fun with your fans, treat your fans with respect, and create fun experiences for your fans. If you can do these little things you will have a greater fan base. Stop telling them about your music everyday and pay attention to what they also say and feel if only you want die hard fans who are going to support you in your campaigns, come out to shows, and even buy your merchandise.

Think of how you can market your music that will get your fans involved, and give them an opportunity to interact with you.

You Might Have To Hire Help

If you don’t know how to fix a toilet, what do you do, you call a plumber. If you’re feeling lost in the big wide world of music marketing, get help from somebody who knows how to do it.
As a beginner, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a paid help. All you need is to get closer and get opinions and insight from another artist who is a few steps ahead of you. If they will genuinely help, they will tell you what worked for them and even connect you with a professional.
And when you find yourself in a position where you need to hire a publicist or a professional marketer, although these people can be very expensive, but they can also take your music marketing to another level that you could not reach on your own.

And so in my opinion I will advice you to hire them in the first place and then pay attention to them because there are a lot you can learn from them. And if you can learn how a publicist work or where exactly a marketing professional invests your money, then potentially you may not have to hire someone next time.

Social Media Is Not The Only Place To Promote Your Music

It has been said so often that it’s almost a cliché now. All you will hear nowadays is “You must be marketing your music online, Social media is very important.” Your Spotify numbers are important etc.

But what they forget to say always is that there are also other ways to build fans as an artist. Now, let me remind you once more of what you are aiming to do in marketing: “create awareness and convince people to listen to your music and by so doing create a die hard fanbase.” OK now that you remember this aim, let me tell you the truth and that is, there is so much content online, I mean so much music! And so while you still doing your social media marketing, let me add that, One of the oldest and best ways to get your music heard is still playing music live in front of real people.

The people that see you on tour or at a show are generally people who care much about your music and will be much more willing to give you or your music a chance. Because these are people who paid or wasted their time to come and watch you perform, buy albums and buy your merchandise. These are potential long-term fans so don’t throw them away all in the name of social media. I know truth can be sometimes bitter but let me tell you this,
Spotify numbers, Facebook likes and other social media like and comments are fickle. Why? Because they don’t always translate into revenue and they don’t always translate into real fans.
Touring is not fickle. It is hard ticket value, It is real people listening to your music and interacting with you in person. There is nothing that can replace that!
There are also many ways artists can connect with fans outside of the internet. Think of meet-and-greets, listening parties, contests, etc. These are all great ways to connect with fans in a physical way.

There are 10 more Advertising Ideas For You To Try as a musician and please am not going to give that for free. Let’s talk business. Contact me through this email ([email protected] or call +233545722759)

Writer: Bestmultimediagh


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