Social Media For Musicians

Social Media For Musicians, An Overview For Beginners
Social Media For Musicians, An Overview For Beginners

Social Media For Musicians in Ghana, An Overview For Beginners. There is a good chance if you are hooked on social media already. But if not, what I’m about to share with you might be news to you.

What is social media? Social media is like a loud, online party that everyone is invited to.
You can share your thoughts, you can repost someone else’s thoughts, you can like and comment on interesting things you find and so many more.

Social networks are online communities. It is where people go to get updates on what is happening in the lives of those they know and those they are interested in. Social media is also a popular marketing tool. Here is an overview of what you can do with it.

What Social Networks Are Worth Creating Accounts With?

When answering this question, I always refer to the list of the top 15 social media networking sites across the web.
Ask any experienced musician, and they will tell you a combination of the following sites is where they put in the most effort:

Twitter and

Throughout this guide, I will mostly be referring to the above sites.
But this isn’t to suggest that these are the only worthwhile sites out there. Some secondary sites that can still be of importance to musicians include:


And then there are also some music or audio specific social networks that are also worth utilizing:


But let us not get too carried away. The number of options the above sites give can be overwhelming, but may be difficult to use all of them well at the same time.

How Many Social Networks Should I Sign Up With?

If you’re just getting started, I would recommend signing up with one or two in the mean time and after getting good at using them before you do anything else or sign up for the others.
Social media is fun, but it can also be a huge time sink, and it may not even pay the bills (it probably won’t). Because very time you set up an account with a new site, you must fill out your profile and learn how to use it to connect with people. And so I always advice that it will be much easier to build up your following on one site and then leverage that to grow your following elsewhere, than to create a following everywhere at once.

This doesn’t mean it’s easy to build a following. It will be work.
But you can keep it light and fun while you’re engaging with people, and many will be attracted to that approach.

So, sign up with Facebook and Twitter to begin with, and get yourself acquainted with these sites. If you want to secure a username on all other platforms (just so no one else gets it), then do take a moment to create an account with every social network you can find and then leave them to rest and concentrate on the first two. You don’t have to do anything with those other accounts – just secure them and then later you will come back for them.

What Can I Post On Social Media?
That depends entirely on the site you’re using.
From here on out, I’m just going to focus on the top four: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Once you get a feel for these, most other social networks will be a breeze for you.

1. Facebook

On Facebook, you can post text updates, pictures or images, GIFs, a feeling/activity/sticker, and videos. You can also “check in” when you’re at certain locations in your city or elsewhere.
Additionally, you can use Facebook Live to live stream from your mobile device.
In some ways, Facebook is one of the most versatile social networks out there. But the disadvantage is that people will rarely see everything you post, so posting the same message multiple times is not only my recommendation, but oftentimes necessary.

2. YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing site, and as such, the main (the only) type of content you can post on YouTube is video. But you can link out to your website and other social profiles from your channel, and you can even upload your own cover artwork to customize and have a feel of it.
I feel like I’m saying this all the time these days, but it’s worth mentioning – YouTube is the second biggest search engine right behind Google, and people now spend more time on YouTube than all other social networks combined. Yes you heard me!
So should you be on YouTube? Yes. But first you need video content. (you can talk to us for coaching or even help you create a standard YouTube which will bring you royalties)

3. Twitter

Twitter is getting infamous for limiting your “tweets” (which are essentially the same as Facebook status updates) to 140 characters.
What this means is that your text updates can’t be over a certain length. The flip side of that is, you can tweet frequently because unless people are following you closely, they may probably not see most of your tweets, because they disappear quickly after being published.
Twitter also allow you to post pictures, videos (up to two minutes and 20 seconds in length), GIFs, polls, and location related posts.

4. Instagram

Instagram is a popular photo sharing site. Unlike Facebook, engagement isn’t throttled, meaning you’ll probably get a lot more likes and comments on your photos with less effort.
They allow you to post photos and quick videos. You can even cross-post to other networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, VK, Ameba, and using Instagram. Additionally, you can add a location and tag people in your posts.

Instagram lets you create a profile for your account, but you can only supply a photo, a link to your website, and a short bio. Getting people to check out your profile is the real trick, because until then, they will only be interacting with your photos or videos and won’t be doing anything else (like visiting your website).

What Can I Do To Promote My Music On Social Media?

Social media can be used in a variety of ways.
First and foremost, remember to keep it fun. People are naturally drawn to positive, funny, and beautiful, eye-catching things.
But there’s no doubt that social media is also great tool for marketing.
Here are some ideas on how you can promote your music using the top four social media sites.


Here are some quick ideas on how you can promote your music on Facebook. Keep in mind that this isn’t a comprehensive list by all means. There are so many more ways you can use to leverage this popular platform.

Here is how you can generate buzz for your music on Facebook:
Post updates regularly. Share something new three or four times per day. It doesn’t have to pertain to your music – it could be a blog post, a picture from your hangout session, a funny video, a status update to tell your fans where you’re going to be, and so on. Use unique cover arts on your page. You can also put your tour dates on it, or even a link to your latest release. Go live.

Stream a performance, give a behind-the-scenes look into your rehearsals, do a Q&A, or “air band” your way through your latest release. Upload your videos. Take your YouTube videos and upload them to Facebook as well. Interact with others. You can like, share, and comment on other people’s posts at your fan page (by the way, yes, do create a fan page in addition to your profile). Do this regularly – it can boost your page’s visibility.


These days, it can take time to build up your YouTube channel. If you commit to uploading new content on a weekly basis and stay at it for longer periods of time, you should see good things happen.
Here’s what you can do on YouTube to market your music.

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