Make Money Online – Do Social Media Moderation

Make Money Online - Do Social Media Moderation
Make Money Online - Do Social Media Moderation

Make Money Online the real way – Do Social Media Moderation in Ghana. You might have heard or tried similar opportunities like the one am going to share with you and so upon reading the caption of this article, you quickly said “fake I won’t waste my time and energy”. You are right for saying that because experience is the best teacher.

But let me tell you the truth that as much as we have fake money making online jobs, we have real ones too. You might have never being introduced to the true real ones hence your judgment. Today am going to introduce you to one of the real online money making jobs which you can do as part time or full time. But before that let me set the records straight. You will need one of the following in other to get paid for any job or service you render online.

1. Paypal account
2. Payoneer master Card (or any Visa/Master Card)
3. Few will accept Western Union payments. ( more notes on these three online payments later)

But the truth is if you don’t have any of the above payment methods especially the first two, then forget it, you can not make money online. But the good news is I can help you acquire any of them for you to receive your payments always.

Now that the truth has being revealed, let’s go ahead to look at one of the ways to make money online. Let me hasting to add that all the online money strategies are tested and proven to be 100% working. You can see my payments email for this month at the end of this article.

Now let’s go!…….

Many companies and brands have multiple social media accounts. They use these accounts to stay connected with their customers, receive feedback and resolve their problems.
As the company’s client base grows it becomes difficult for them to keep up with all the customer-generated content such as questions, comments and so on.
And that’s where social media moderators come in.

Social media moderators are paid to monitor various social media channels and ensure that user generated content are appropriate.

This work is Suitable For –

Anyone who loves social media and is active on it daily.

Skills Required –

1. Ability to follow instructions, review and accurately classify the nature of user generated content.

2. Review moderated content and provide sentiment insight.

3. Work independently and meet time conditions of the project.

How To Get Started –

The best option to get started is to apply for the post of a Social Media Moderator on (website hidden)

Submit your application by clinking on this exact URL ( URL hidden)

With the (hidden website) you can work 24/7, there’s no work time window, but you’ll need to work at least 15 hours per week. They’ll pay you between $10 to $15 per hour depending on your expertise.

Alternative Websites –

The Following is the list of other reputed websites where you can apply for social media moderation jobs to increase your earnings.
1. (Website hidden)
2. (Website hidden)

Am sorry for hiding all the websites. But I did that in other to get the serious ones who really want to give this a try. The full article will cost you 50gh only.
Whatsapp me on +233545722759 and you will have the full article which includes all the hidden websites.

See you soon. And Wait for the next way to make money online.


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