Real Way To Make Money Online

Real Way To Make Money Online
Real Way To Make Money Online

Real Way To Make Money Online. Today am here to introduce you to another money making ways online which is 100% proven to be working.
As for the “doubting Thomas” leave them alone and before they realized you are far gone.
Now let’s begin today’s lecture.

What is quote printable?

A quote printable is nothing but a simple quote written on a beautifully designed poster/banner using creative fonts which can be printed.
Creatively designed quote printables are in significant demand nowadays, most of the people buy them, take their prints, encase them in a frame and display them on the walls of their offices and homes.


Creative quote printables placed on a wall help in improving the aesthetics as well as keep people motivated throughout the day.
As someone who looking for ways to making money online can leverage this opportunity to make a reliable online income.

I am saying this because designing quote printables is very easy nowadays due to the availability of many free online photo editing tools.
You don’t need to be an expert to use these tools, you can get started within minutes, all you need is some creativity and inspiration.

I Recommend this job For –

Artistic and creative people who love to envision and create designs.

Skills Required –

1. Creative abilities to imagine, think, design and create printables which can be sold online.

Time Required For Designing Quote Printables –

The time required entirely depends on your experience and design ideas. If your design concept is ready, you can start creating printables instantly by using free online photo editing tools. Or if you have photo editing softwares on your computer you are good to go.


Tips –

1. Get some inspiration – Before you start thinking about the design of your quote printables, it’s better to get some inspiration and get your ideas flowing.

The best place to get inspiration, in this case, is to visit

Pinterest has a huge collection of beautifully designed quote printables. Just visit Pinterest and search for “quotes” or “quote printables,” you’ll see a huge number of printables’ images in front of you.

Now, start observing their designs, fonts, color patterns and so on. I am sure this will give you a lot of ideas about creating your printables.

Another most important thing you need to look at is the number of people who have pinned post/image.
If more people have pinned the images, that means people like the quote and its design.
Note down the image and its design, use it to model your design but remember, never copy.
You can take inspiration from this and model your designs. To get even more ideas and inspiration visit the following websites and search for “quotes” or “quote printables”:

2. Decide which tool you are going to use beforehand – To design printables you need to use some tools, as there are many tools available, it’s very easy to get confused so I suggest you to select your tool beforehand.
I am listing few tools below; you can decide for yourself which one is right for you.

If you want to get started ASAP without the hassle of installing any software, then get started with the following Free web tools: (has great fonts, themes, and overlays)

If you want more editing control, use following software tools:

Open office Impress (Free – Similar to Power point)Microsoft Power point (2010 version or further)

If you are an expert in designs, then I don’t need to tell you anything lol.

3. To create high-quality quote printables you might need beautiful images, fonts, icons, and vectors.
I am listing few websites below which will help you to get everything for free.





4. Get started – At this point you must have at least some idea about your design, selected the tool and collected all the design stuff. Now start your work and create an excellent quote printable.

How To Monetize –

The best way to monetize is to your designs on the following art selling sites:

1. (Website hidden)
2. (Website hidden)
3. (Website hidden)
4. (Website hidden)
5. (Website hidden)

Lots of people who are interested in buying quote printables visit sites mentioned above.
You can set the price of each printable between $5 to $15.

You’ll earn money when someone likes and buy your printables. The More people buy your printables, the more money you make.

I hope this lecture has being very useful. Now for your information we have the full article which contains all the hidden websites which will make you start work all at once. And this full article goes for fifty Ghana cedis only (50gh). Yes you heard me.
If you are serious, then contact us. I only want to be contacted by serious business minded people. WhatsApp now +233545722759. No time to waste, because time no dey!!


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