‘Nayas is even better’ – Social Media tears Akuapem Poloo apart


The blasting clock has turned to the doorsteps of Akuapem Poloo as social media residents are now holding her neck for her recent words on colleague actress Nayas. And the part-time actress, Akuapem Poloo yesterday descended heavily on her colleague Nayas for what she claims a bad attitude from the movie producer.
In a video which found its way on social media, Akuapem Poloo calmly lashed the hell out of Nayas all because of the foolish attitude which she has been exhibiting on social media with her level of maturity.
The self-put-put actress in the video was seen asking Nayas1 on whether she’s a young lady or an old woman because she’s acting too childishly to be an old woman.
However, with all the little sense in Poloo’s advice, social media residents deemed she is not fit to issue such a piece of worthy advice.
This morning on social media, many people have also taken Poloo to the cleaners telling her to shut up because she is worse than Nayas.
See the screenshots below…

Akuapem poloo social mediaAkuapem Poloo social media fight
And the Actress cum movie producer has been featuring in most stories online for no better reason than her childish behavior and unneeded accusations she has been leveling against her former boyfriend, Ernest Opoku.
Ever since Ernest Opoku dumped her for someone, Nayas1 has been critically affected per our observations.
She has been trying every possible means to tarnish the hard-earned public image of the talented gospel singer.


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