UGLY To Perform In The Peace Concert Program At Kpassa


One of the most influential upcoming hiplife artist, Musah Ibn Sadat who is popularly known as UGLY in the Music environment has been warranted to perform in a peace concert program at Kpassa in the Volta region on the 26 August 2017.

UGLY in an interview told Plusnewsghana that
“Most of my funs who followed me to Kpandai, Katiejeli as well as Accra last year never regretted because I performed as much as they expected.
Anyway, that was just a common disc to talk about.
I will make sure I bring out more cherished things that you wish to see or know about me”.

“I will on that day expose the secret behind the name UGLY.
Most people struggled to see my face because they taught the name was used as it means in the English Dictionary but my face proved it wrong.
Most of my funs keep asking why am I am called UGLY. They will know soon but that will be in Kpassa on 26th August”. UGLY stated

“I have much songs to perform which can even take the whole day.
Some of my tracks are Donkomi, Alkaida ft. Dj Daabu, Oya Shordy, y3nkodi, Haters, Money, Baaya, Guy guy ruff ft. Kwasi Yesu and also the current Trending Sakuba Dance. But I have much more tracks to explore that day”. He added

“I am most grateful to hear of artist like Lazzy bwoy, Kpasi Joshua, SP Stevo, Atros my leg, Danger, Martin Kenya, and other best among others who will be there that day.

There is no need for you to miss this particular program. You deserve to see and not to be told.
May almighty Allah guide and protect us till that day.

Reported by Musah Ibn Wahid


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