Pay my money and get your car – Afia Schwarzenegger tells TV Africa


Afia Schwarzenegger recently called out television station, TV Africa over refusal to pay her four months salary.
According to her, the television station owed her an amount of GH16,000 and has been chasing them for some time now.
However, the management of TV Africa refuted the above claims and stated that Afia Schwarzenegger still rides in the car they gave her.

According to management, Afia’s contract with the station was officially terminated after she breached her contractual obligations by going on some traditional media and social media platforms to announce her resignation from the station.
The management of the television station also stated that efforts to reach Afia’s management proved futile.


This is why Afia Schwarzenegger was sacked by TV Africa

They also disclosed that Afia still has in her possession a brand new black Hyundai Tucson (4×4) which belongs to the station and is supposed to return it to be able to settle any outstanding debt.

Now, Afia Schwarzenegger has reacted to the above statement by TV Africa stating that she will only return the car to the television station if she receives her four months salary.
According to the controversial comedienne and tv personality through an Instagram post, the media house breached agreements signed by both parties which led to her resignation.
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Dear @tvafricagh Since you want it this way lets do it.. Do u understand what a breach of agreement or contract is…if you do then you will know that u breached our terms of agreement by owing me salary for 4 do u think i was fuelling my car to work n also chasing sponsors for my show??? Was markerting part of my job??? Did u write to officially apologize for not paying me???Did u officially communicate ur inability to pay my salary ?? Or As for Afia de3….. Did u pay me commission on advert i brought?? As for the car we all know i dnt own it…i own a Bmw X6 and if i recieve my 16,000 i will return it… You wanted me to give u one month notice and come to work with who's fuel ? Those that are still there when was the last time u paid them and for what month if i may ask?? Common Newspapers i had to buy them, get props for my show,a show that has sponsors…it got to a time common printer we didnt have, i had to write my news with pen from the fone..smh, Dont bring yourself!!! And oh before i forget…yes i was asked to say on tv that my attention has been drawn to what i said abt GN bank and apologise…pls where is GN bank today???Have they paid their customers??? And where were the attention drawers when i was doing Menzgold/ Capital Bank n Otabil's stories????Or they are not banks right.. Oh yes i walked out of the studio becos i wasnt going to lie on behalf of anyone… Naaa you hired my BRAND NOT my CONSCIENCE !!!! Respect yourself and pay me my money..i need to feed my mum n children…PERIOD I hate it when people want to have problems with u over what is duly yours. SwIpe to read the resignation message i sent to my bosses.

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