Press Release for All Konkombas

Press Release for All Konkombas
Press Release for All Konkombas

Press Release for All Konkombas. The C.E.O of Best Multimedia Mr. Ligan Kofi Simon who is a Konkomba, and a development Communication expert with degree in B.A communications studies is working out things with Vodafone, Music stakeholders in Ghana, Media Houses Across Ghana and other institutions to bring on Board Konkomba Music Awards (KMA).

The project is aimed at promoting a great ethnic group known as Konkombas and their rich Cultures through Music. According to Mr. Ligan, music is one of the powerful tools that has the power to promote, unite, reduce stereotyping and discrimination and also showcase to the world any ethnic group and their unique activities.

He said, through music other ethnic groups in Ghana have reached far and so it is time the voices of Konkombas heard across the world and all media platforms through music. We can only achieve that aim by motivating our musicians and educating them on the right path to bring leverage, hence, the awards scheme, he added.

Best multimedia is a company registered with the Registrar General Department in Ghana since 2014 and the Nkwanta South District Assembly. Our services include events organization and management, Artists Management and promotion, and all other entertainment activities. We have a music Recording studio located at Nkwanta with e’pak as the producer.

Best multimedia has being able to organized programs in the Volta Region for Artist such as; Edem, Stonebwoy, Iwan, Wutah, Asah Khalifa, Danso Abiam, Screwface and many more.
Management of Best Multimedia would like to plead with the whole Konkomba community, Chiefs and elders, Opinion leaders, Companies both owned by Konkombas and non Konkombas and all Nkpakpaado to throw their support and ideas behind this great vision to make it a success for Nkpakpaando. God Bless Nkpakpaando, God Bless Ghana.
For enquiries, sponsorship, and suggestions please call or WhatsApp us on 0545722759

(Ligan Kofi Simon)
C.E.O Best multimedia


  1. But do u have any strategical plan to educate our konkomba musicians on how to work on lyrics n bits in order to change their style of sounds n music? I asked so bcos even though we don’t understand languages spoken by south Africans n other countries but we do love their music n it is as a result of the lyrics n bit they give to their songs. So I believe if we want our people be heard through this music, then things of this nature should be worked out so that it can be played on media stations n other places as suggested even though many would not understand but would still love to play them thanks.

    • Ntebi Kwasi Bismark

      In fact that’s the true fact our beat it seems we have problems with it especially , copy write they will take any other language their beat and change it and I didn’t know that until I came to Kumasi and I realized that we were using their beat for konkomba Songs you jxt imagine the people of upper east and west their beat goes with their culture so please they should educate and educate them well we re proud to be konkombas.

  2. Sakna Korpone Joseph

    Comment:Thanks for the boldness.When a kingmaker rises in the mid of Kings he need to be supported. We pray God will be at our side and we will also do out humanly best to support. We will rise together. More grease to your elbows

  3. Thank you Mr Ligan.

    Dr Kwame Nkrumah said it this way;

    “We must break the code
    of the Rosetta Stone
    To decipher
    The hieroglyphics of our destiny.

    You’re certainly not alone in this crusade. You have Nkpakpando fully behind you; physically, morally and spiritually. Your greatness shall abound.

  4. Thank you Mr. Ligan for the initiative. We will in any case rally behind you to the successful end of this move in the right direction. Long live Ligan, long live Nkpakpaando and long live Ghana. Thank you.

  5. Thank you Mr Ligan. We will in our ways rally behind you till the successful end of this move in the right direction. Long live Ligan,long live Nkpakpaando,long live Ghana.

  6. Mr Ligan may God work through you to liberate the Konkomba kingdom from the bondage and modern slavery we are into. We watch to the end result but hope positive work in the rough journey.

  7. Great Mr. Ligan. There is still more room for better improvement. Wishing you all what you wish yourself.

  8. Nelson N-yanbini

    Wonderful initiative by bro Ligan and his team. We are solidly behind you and God bless you for your efforts.

  9. You all my support Mr. Ligan, I knew you were going to do wonders and this isn’t shocking at all but then just want to register my humble support for such initiative. Splendid, we are in the fight with you. Go Nkpakpando, Go Ligan.

  10. Thanks Mr. Ligan we pray that the Almighty God should involve His hand into this wonderful initiative you have taken.

  11. Want to joint my konkombas brother form Ghana together promoteur pour culture.
    Please contact inbox

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