Sister Derby warns a fan who claims she’s growing old


Sister Derby who received Broken heart from Medikal has again send one of her followers into his grave after replying to his comment that she’s is growing old.
The last time we heard the real age of Deborah Vanessa was 34 years old but she could easily be compared to someone in her early 20s.

Well, that is perfectly enough to tell anyone that, she is beautiful but a fan is not taking it lightly on her with all her natural beauty.

And Sister Derby shared a video of herself at the beach on her Instagram page, minding her own business and singing along to her new song only for one of her followers to comment she is growing too old.

However, for the reason she allowed a comment by the follower to emotionally affect her is unknown but we can’t possibly hide her reply from our readers as they may be a victim one day.
But a fan identified on IG as Kloridogh after Sister Derby’s post commented that: “In fact you dey grow old ooo,” and her reply went like this: “@kloridogh along side your ugly character and face.”
See the screenshot below…


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